Founded in Toronto, Bridge to Health Medical and Dental is comprised of a passionate group of professionals brought together by a common desire to provide healthcare to those in tremendous need. Our aim is to provide sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner to rural under-serviced populations in collaboration with local partners. We focus on education and training for local healthcare providers and patients and create innovative solutions to complex problems. We currently work with local partners in government, academia, and civil society in rural Kabale District, Uganda and Kisumu County, Kenya to design programming to bring comprehensive healthcare to the most isolated communities in these regions. 

Residents of numerous impoverished communities around the world will never have the luxury of seeing a physician, let alone afford life-saving medications or surgical interventions. Consequently, many patients go without diagnosis or treatment of conditions such as HIV/Aids, diabetes, maternal child health conditions, among others. The medical professionals of Bridge to Health work with local health care professionals to treat patients in the such communities, build sustainable solutions to long term medical care and improve quality of life for residents.

Many of the patients will have never seen a dentist, had their teeth cleaned or even brushed their teeth. For the dental professionals of Bridge to Health, it is an opportunity to relieve many painful oral infections, introduce basic dental care and work collaboratively with local dental professionals in an effective knowledge exchange. This yields the opportunity to initiate a community-based oral hygiene prevention program aimed at breaking the cycle of chronic periodontal disease which can lead to multiple tooth extractions, poor nutrition and infection.


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