What's it like to volunteer for Bridge to Health Medical and Dental?

Thinking of volunteering for Bridge to Health as either a year-round volunteer or as a team member on one of our recently-announced 2019 brigades? Come hear from a few of our past and present volunteers. Our panelists are looking forward to sharing their experiences, and to answering any specific questions you may have.


In case you’re wondering -- and you’re not the only one -- you don’t have to be a doctor or a dentist to volunteer with us. Join us to hear more about the fulfilling opportunities we offer for medical and dental professionals, and also for students and professionals in the fields of public health, marketing, fundraising, business development… the list goes on.

This informational and interactive webinar is a Q&A session with Bridge to Health Marketing Director Carlos Guevara, Program Coordinator, Emma Forte Sczudlo and panelists Shannon Walker, BTH’s Marketing Intern, Dr. Varun Mohan, who has volunteered as a dentist on BTH’s brigades to Uganda and to Kenya, and Danielle Lucky , a physician assistant who joined our triage team to Uganda in 2018.

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