Residents of numerous impoverished communities
around the world will never have the luxury of seeing a physician

The Importance of global Medical & Dental Health

In underserved rural communities around the globe residents will never have the luxury of seeing a physician, let alone afford life-saving medications or surgical interventions. Consequently, many patients go without diagnosis or treatment of conditions such as HIV/Aids, diabetes, maternal child health conditions, among others.

The lack of dental facilities and access to trained professionals continues to create a lack of opportunity
for residents to receive treatment and relief for many painful oral infections.


The luxury of being able to access simple day to day
Medical and Dental health benefits and facilities is scarce or simply non-existent. 

Changing The Status Quo

In underserved rural communities around the globe the need to build sustainable long term medical care and improve quality of life for residents is needed now more than ever. 

Bridge To Health and its team of medical and dental professionals and volunteers work with local health care professionals to treat patients in these communities, build sustainable solutions to long term medical and dental care while further helping to improve the quality of life for countless residents. 

Bridge To Health provides sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner to underserved rural communities around the globe.

For every $8 dollars donated, Bridge to Health is able to screen one woman in Uganda for cervical cancer.

Simply Put

The global health crisis that many rural impoverished communities are facing today 
is a difficult situation that affects the health of millions of human beings every single day. 

In collaboration with various reputable local non-governmental organizations, we pride ourselves in providing medical and dental care to the areas that are greatly affected. By providing an improved healthcare delivery system, training local healthcare practitioners and volunteers, and educating the residents of these communities we strive to leave a lasting impact on the current and future communities that we serve. 

Take action

Start a local fundraiser with friends, co-workers, classmates or your community

The effect of access to medical and dental health

A healthy life means a productive life. Access to medical and dental health facilities greatly helps reduce risk of infectious disease and helps to lengthen the life expectancy of countless lives in impoverished parts of the world. 

This also means that the time lost to sickness is reduced and thus increasing the time spent at work for adults, and time spent in the classroom learning for children. This also means that communities can grow and flourish into productive communities aiding to break the cycle of poverty found in many of these communities. 

What you can do to help

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