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Being an RN on COVID-19 quarantine

My name is Sabrina and I am a registered nurse. I am also on quarantine. I started showing symptoms and self isolated and called my employer. Because I had symptoms and because I am a health care worker I was directed to a screening center, and I was tested. But I was tested because I am a health care worker, and if I am negative they will need me for the battle ahead.  Why did I self isolate and take myself away from the bedside? Because I don't want to make this situation worse. I don't want to infect my colleagues or my patients who may already be immunocompromised for one reason or another. And it hurts. I  wish I was out there with my colleagues helping. I wish I could help my patients. But if I am Covid +  I will do more harm than good. So I am sitting at home waiting for the call that will tell me. Sitting at home is not fun, as you all know. Because I am on quarantine it means that I am isolating from my husband and pets. Even though we don't think my pets can be infected if it gets on their feathers or fur it may pass to my family. So I'm being extra careful.  Let's be honest here. This sucks.  Many people are worried about loosing their jobs, if they haven't already. Many people are worried how they are going to pay their bills. Many people are worried about if they're going to have a roof over their heads and food to put on the table. Many people simply feel helpless. These are all valid concerns. Your emotions are valid. Your emotions are shared by many people across the country and the globe. Im scared too. So, what can we do? What can we do as a community as we are stuck at home on isolation? What can we do while social distancing? Lets talk about that.

1) I know you've all heard this before, STAY AT HOME UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Many places are delivering now... and with that in mind, 2) Be patient. These are unprecedented times. Delivery services are overwhelmed. Give them time. Be kind. 3) Wash your hands and dont touch your face. It seems obvious but its one of the most important things 4) Follow the government and public health guidelines. Many people think that we are over reacting and that we don't need to close things down. To that I say look to Iran, Spain and Italy. Covid-19 is worse than the flu. Do your part. 5) In these times reach out to your neighbours from a distance. Make phone calls, use skype. Connect with people. We are fortunate to live in an age of technology. Use it. 6) Support those doing their best to keep us all afloat. If you have un-opened and un-used medical supplies consider donating them to your local hospital, shelter or care facility (but call first). Consider showing your appreciation, from a distance. At 7:30 p.m. local time and every evening going forward, the Registered Nursing Association of Ontario (RNAO) is asking everyone – from the doorsteps of their homes or keeping a safe distance – to cheer on the millions of health providers, social service and other essential front-line workers in Ontario, Canada and around the world who are tackling #COVID19. Bang those pots, clap your hands or sing a song. In whatever way you feel comfortable show them that you support them. That there is light in the darkness. 7) Consider donating to food banks and other charities if you can. Many of us are seeing our very livelihoods disappear. Many people in the coming weeks and months are going to need assistance. If you can, donate. If you cant, its O.K too. We are all in this together. Together we are stronger. Together we can make it through.

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