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Bridging the gaps in global healthcare

Our medical and dental outreach programs are comprised of passionate medical and dental professionals brought together by a common desire to help provide healthcare to those in tremendous need. We currently operate in sub-saharan Africa, with ongoing efforts to expand to other locations across the globe. Our aim is to provide sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner and have a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Where we operate

Bridge to Health currently operates in underserved rural communities in Southwest Uganda and Kenya. We provide both medical and dental care, improve healthcare delivery systems, train local healthcare workers and educate the residents of these communities.


For the dental professionals at Bridge to Health, our outreach program in Uganda provides an opportunity to relieve many painful oral infections, introduce basic dental care and work collaboratively with local dental professionals in an effective exchange of knowledge. With the help of local volunteers, our team of dentists, and hygienists initiate a community based dental prevention program aimed at breaking the cycle of chronic periodontal disease, which can lead to multiple tooth extractions, poor nutrition and infection.


Our medical professionals work with local health care professionals to help treat patients with early diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS, diabetes, maternal health conditions, surgical interventions, and the provision of medication. Together with our partners we are building sustainable solutions to long term medical care, and the overall improvement of live conditions for the local residents.  

Data from a typical outreach program

8 days, 8 communities, 8 clinics

Our partnerships in Uganda, Kenya, and Worldwide

Together with our local and international partners in government, academia, and civil society, Bridge to Health is changing the lives of countless people living in rural areas of Uganda and Kenya. 

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A Timeline of Our Work

2012 -


  • CoFounders developed the Bridge to Health concept

2014 -


  • Second outreach program to Uganda

  • 20 member team

  • Maternal health ultrasound initiative launched

  • Pediatric oral health education program launched

  • Prosthodontic/denture building program launched

2016 -


  • Fourth outreach program to Uganda

  • 25 member team

  • Cervical cancer program launched

  • University of Toronto partnership launched

  • KIHEFO treatment and education training program launched

  • 10 Ugandan providers trained and 100 women screened

2013 -


  • Registered as a Canadian not-for-profit

  • First partnership with KIHEFO

  • Outreach program of 12 people

2015 -


  • Registered as a Canadian charitable organization

  • Third outreach program to Uganda

  • Cervical cancer program conceptualized

2017 -


  • Fifth outreach program to Uganda

  • Cervical cancer program expanded to 500 women and treated for pre-cancer

  • Expanded denture building program

  • Musculoskeletal program launched

  • Helping babies breathe course launched

  • Point of care ultrasound program conceptualized

A timeline of our work

Learn more about Bridge to Health's Model of Sustainable Health Care
Program site case study: Kabale, Uganda

1. In-Country Partnership: We partnered with local nonprofit organization Kigezi Healthcare Foundation (KIHEFO), and began co-hosting annual Outreach Programs to bring medical and dental care to rural communities, in 2013

2. Building up Programming: We focus both on our outreach services for comprehensive medical and dental care, and on creating supplementary programs to address partner priorities


3. Empowering Local Partners: Using the knowledge and experience gained working with Bridge to Health, KIHEFO obtained USAID funding for 10 outreach clinics per month. They now offer outreach services year round, and have taken full ownership of the cervical cancer training program (they have trained 30 local providers, who have screened almost 900 women and treated almost 90 women).

An example: 

We worked with KIHEFO and Mbarara University to develop a novel program that trains nurses and midwives to diagnose and treat cervical cancer in a single visit. Cervical cancer is a major issue in Uganda; it is the leading cause of cancer death, affecting 45 in every 100,000 women annually and killing 25 in 100,000 annually. 

Check out this short video in Kabale!


Our team of dedicated volunteers are the heart of our organization. We continually look to work with medical and dental health professionals that are looking to give back.


Whether, currently working and looking to give back, recently retired, on a gap year between education, or a high school or university student, we welcome you to explore the many opportunities to be involved as a volunteer with us at Bridge To Health.

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