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  • Six Co-Founders develop the Bridge To Health concept


  • Registered as a Canadian not-for-profit

  • First partnership with KIHEFO, Uganda

  • 10 member team executes first outreach


  • Second outreach program to Uganda

  • 20 member team

  • Maternal health ultrasound initiative launched

  • Pediatric oral health education program launched

  • Prosthodontic/denture building program launched


  • Registered as a Canadian charitable organization

  • Third outreach program to Uganda

  • Cervical cancer program conceptualized


  • Fourth outreach program to Uganda

  • 25 member team

  • Cervical cancer See & Treat  program launched

    • KIHEFO treatment and education training program launched

    • 10 Ugandan providers trained and 100 women screened

  • University of Toronto partnership launched


  • Fifth outreach program to Uganda

  • Cervical cancer program expanded to 500 women

  • Expanded denture building program

  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) program launched

  • Point of care ultrasound program conceptualized

  • Cervical cancer program conceptualized


  • First outreach launched in Kisumu, Kenya

  • 6th outreach program to Uganda with 30 volunteers from Canada & U.S.

  • POCUS (Point of Care Ultrasound) program expands with innovative Butterfly technology

  • New medical system to focus heavily on education and training.


  • 2nd outreach in Kisumu, Kenya

  • Expanded training to include Community Health Workers

  • Partnership with Boston University, Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine

  • Cervical Cancer See & Treat program’s first use of CinLuma thermal coagulation device, allowing healthcare providers to quickly and easily treat pre-cancerous lesions that may develop into cervical cancer

  • First cohort of 7 pediatric pneumonia POCUS trainees through a remote monitoring protocol


  • 3rd outreach in Kisumu, Kenya

  • Launched re-engineered inter-professional training program

  • First outreach to incorporate electronic medical records systems (EMR)

  • Partnership expansion with Kenya Medical Training College

  • First Musculoskeletal (MSK) program in Kenya