Help Create a Long Term Sustainable Medical & Dental Health solution

For Countless Individuals In Need

We need your help. Today.

We rely on the generosity of individuals, companies, groups of all sizes and various associations to fund our work.

All major brigades and projects are funded by donors who have chosen to give back with donations of $50, $75, $100, $500 and even $1,000.

Small groups, classmates, religious organizations and social clubs have also helped bring medical and dental health care to those in need through local fundraising efforts.

Every donation we receive gets tracked and every donor, donor group, and fund raising event receives timely updates of how and where their generosity is being put towards by our leadership team, volunteers and local medical and dental health practitioners on location. 

Receive timely and informative updates - see who your donation is helping and the community it is serving with photos, video, and detailed summaries

These communities need our help. Make help possible.


Our team of dedicated volunteers are the heart of our organization. We continually look to work with medical and dental health professionals that are looking to give back.


Whether, currently working and looking to give back, recently retired, on a gap year between education, or a high school or university student, we welcome you to explore the many opportunities to be involved as a volunteer with us at Bridge To health.

Take action

Start a local fundraiser with friends, co-workers, classmates or your community

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