Fundraising for Bridge to Health

Bridge to Health donations come in all shapes and forms. From monetary donations, to devices from corporate partners and the donation of individual volunteers time and efforts. But not all forms of donations come in the same way shape and form.


At Bridge to Health we understand that not everyone can pack up and travel to Africa for 10 days, or selflessly donate hundreds and thousands of dollars to our great cause. Which is why we we have made it easy for you to partner up with us and fund raise on our behalf at your next event.


Make your next BBQ, party, birthday, wedding, or other social gather count towards a great cause. Just follow the next three steps:

Start by contact our marketing team and providing us with the details of your event such as the date, time, location, and costs that your guests should know about to be associated with your event.

Through this landing page, you will be able to track and monitor your total online donations, registrations and guest list.

Our marketing team will then create an exclusive landing page for your event that you can share with your guestlist. Donations and registrations can be all done online.

Donations, receipts and event requirements

  • All online donations, registrations that require payment and any other payments are processed through Paypal and deposited directly into our Paypal charity status account.

  • Receipts are provided to your guests automatically

  • Your event must be hosted within Canada

  • Bridge to Health maintains the right to refuse association to any fundraising event that it deems to be non-complicit with its vision, brand and terms

  • For more information please contact us directly using the Create your event NOW button

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