Bridge to Health Event Photos

2017 Charity
Golf Tournament


Your donations make this possible

Bridge To Health provides sustainable healthcare in a cost effective manner to underserved rural communities around the globe.

For every $8 dollars donated, Bridge to Health is able to screen one woman in Uganda for cervical cancer.

2016 Brigade

All Bridge To Health events like the ones in these photo galleries
help to fund raise brigades to Africa and other parts of the world where
access to medical and dental health is not readily available.


Your donation helps us to create and achieve unique and different objectives for every brigade. 

At Bridge To Health we ensure that every dollar you donate is used to its full potential and we stand by your efforts to donate by providing you with detailed updates. 

See how your donation goes to work below:



- Receive timely receipts

- Brigade/Project portal access

- See a timeline of your donations at work

- Brigade/Project newsletter updates

- Exclusive stories from the brigad


- Receive project email update alerts

- Explore the community you are helping in detailed email debriefs

- Receive photos of initial site locations

- On-going project monitoring


- Email alerts with photos, video and maps to the changes made by BTH

- Stories of the people who's lives you have helped impact

- Specific and detailed summarry of the brigade/project impact

Take action

Start a local fundraiser with friends, co-workers, classmates or your community

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