Create a giving affair

What is it?

Giving Affair is an online fundraising service that facilitates hosting events to raise funds
for both charitable causes and the organizers of the event

A Giving Affair is an event where guests are invited to include a chosen charity as part of their gift giving.

How does it works? It's as easy as 1,2,3

1. Create

2. Send

3. Track

Create the GIVING AFFAIR invitation or weblink. From birthday parties to weddings to memorials we understand that there are many different opportunities to create a GIVING AFFAIR. Click here to request info. We've tried to take the guess work out of planning a GIVING AFFAIR with the following options:

Send the GIVING AFFAIR invitation or weblink to guests.

Track and Host your GIVING AFFAIR. We help make your GIVING AFFAIR as seamless as possible with host tracking, RSVP alerts, easy guest event reminders, calendar entries and more.

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