Support Erick, our past volunteer, to go to Medical School!

Our goal: USD6,000 or CAN7,600

Meet Erick, one of our past volunteers from rural Muhuru Bay in Kenya. Erick has a lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, and he needs your help.

Like for many growing up in Kenya, Erick's path to education was not easy. Despite many barriers, Erick dedicated himself to fulfil his ambitions and after years of grit and resilience, he has been accepted into the medicine program at the University of Nairobi.


However, medical school comes with a high cost, which is beyond his means. Erick needs your help to make his journey to medical school a reality.

Your contribution may shape his future. Please pledge for this cause today and donate to support Erick achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.

Donate to support Erick here: